Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a proactive supporter of small business subcontracting. Over the last four years, the Laboratory has subcontracted over $1.1 billion dollars to small businesses.

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC's (LLNS) commitment to small business is evidenced by its small business teaming partners and its new small business protégé, GCJ, Inc., general construction services, woman-owned, and small disadvantaged business. The Laboratory has committed to a FY18 small business subcontracting goal of 40%. This commitment is codified under our contract with the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration under Appendix E, Small Business Subcontracting Plan. This year, LLNS' small business forecast results are less than the DOE mandated goal of 40%. To accomplish our goal, we must work together in taking assertive action to increase procurement opportunities for small businesses.

The Laboratory also has a Mentor-Protégé Program that is designed to encourage and assist small businesses by enhancing their financial, technical, professional and personnel capabilities to perform government subcontracts. The goal of this Program is to strengthen their capabilities so they will be able to compete and perform as contractors to the federal government and their contractors. The Laboratory's Senior Management Sponsor (SMS) for the Mentor Protégé Program is Tom Gioconda, Deputy Director.

I encourage you to support the Laboratory's Mentor Protégé Program as well as the Small Business Program by maximizing the use of small businesses to the greatest extent practicable. Please circulate this memo to employees in your organization, including Technical Release Representatives and Subcontract Technical Representatives (STRs). The Supply Chain Management Department's Small Business Program Office is an institutional resource to assist in helping the Laboratory reach its small business goals. The Small Business Program Office can be reached by calling extension 2-0105. Further details are also available at

William H. Goldstein