Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Submittal generated either using the online LLNL TIP Tool or the WP&C Tool (for construction work only) to help facilitate a structured, task-based approach to identifying and analyzing the tasks, hazards, and controls necessary to safely perform work at the LLNL.

All non-construction subcontractors are to generate a JHA using the following LLNL Tip Tool link. First time users will need to establish an account and complete the User Registration for access. The Subcontract Area Hazards Control List (SAHCL) number is needed for registration and is found on the SAHCL document incorporated into the subcontract. This number must also be listed as part of the Project Title for tracking purposes while generating a JHA.


Click on the following link for instructions on completing the LLNL TIP Tool to generate a JHA. 
(NOTE:  A copy of the completed JHA shall also be provided to the LLNS Contract Analyst.)

Registering a New Subcontractor Account


Construction subcontractors are to use the draft JHA provided to them as part of the solicitation package as a starting point to generate their project specific JHA. They will work collaboratively with the LLNS assigned Construction Manager and WP&C Work Planner to finalize the project JHA based on Subcontractor means and methods. First time users should review the Guide for Developing a Construction Job Hazards Analysis for instructions on how to complete a JHA in collaboration with the assigned LLNS Construction Manager and LLNS WP&C Work Planner.

(NOTE: A copy of the completed JHA shall also be provided to the LLNS Contract Analyst.)

For assistance on completing your project specific JHA, please contact Royce Lindsay via email at or 925-423-2757.